Callum J`s diary 9th July 2015

On Tuesday it was the day of the performance, I think everyone was a bit nervous. As we entered we nearly got blinded by the lights. All the parents were waving to their children. In Pot Of Gold we all waved our ribbons around. After all the songs and the bowing the parent’s clapped. Everybody listened to Mrs Hamlet, Mr Herbert and Mrs Nicholls. It all went perfectly except for some people being a bit quiet. Nobody forgot their lines at all.

Well done everybody!!!


Pirates Of The CurryBean!

Yesterday,I  did the last play it was so fun. There were so many people, they had to get more chairs out! When the music started I was so scared  walking up to the stage I  had the first line in the play, everyone did a brilliant job. WELL DONE! I had a good time doing the play! I was so existed! I had my face panted as a pirate because the eyepatch was irritating my eye. Unfortunately, the face paint has given me a rash. Oops! When we were on stage, Talhia made me laugh because I accidentally tripped over the safe!

By Laish

Pirates Of The Curry Bean

Yesterday on Wednesday the 8th of July, we had our second performance and well my Mum and Dad was there. But it still went well! Also yesterday after the performance we had a McDonalds because of how brilliant we were! But going further back in time, on Tuesday the 7th of July we had our first performance but there wasn’t many parents because there was half of the hall filled with the KS1 and then at the back there were the parents.
As the time went by on Tuesday, it came to 5:30 and we were getting changed. I was nervous. Scared. Worried because I had it on my mind that I wouldn’t be loud enough. 6:00 struck and it was time to get in character mode!
Suddenly I felt less nervous because when I walked into the hall I found that there was about 30 parents so I felt less calm!
This was the best time I have ever had at my time during primary school… Coopers Edge is AMAZING!!

The pirates of the curry bean

Yesterday we had our pirates of the Curry Bean production!We had already done 2 and that was are last one there were loads of people there so we had to speak a lot louder. I really liked some of the parts cause some were funny and the songs were fantastic.I was a pirate and i was the Blunderbuss in the crew of the Curry Bean!

My best song was piratical style because it was very cool and a great song and I liked all the other songs as well.My part was a good part and I had some good lines but I think I could have been acting a bit more but it was a great play and I would like to do it again.


Charlie dairy 9th July 2015

Yesterday and Tuesday we had a play I was many things nervous, exited and worried I was scared to say my lines because I thought I was going to mess up. but I didn’t which is a good thing, and I just felt more and more confidant each word! The best bit is when Lewis said “I’m a wally” the audience laughed alot and so did I.

To be honest I think everybody tried hard and listened to Mrs Nicholes and Mrs Hamlet but Mme Haines as well for teaching the locals the dance for lumbago, my favorate song was lumbago.
By Charlie.

Lukas’ Diary 9th July

After three performances, everyone is skinned of energy. That’s not a bad thing since everyone did a fabulous job and the audience loved it even though there were hardly any parents on the second performance!

I’m relieved  that everyone was here… Except one. Lewis wasn’t here! So I had to put away my props costume and turn into A. Wally. Despite having to glance at my script from time to time on my speaking parts, that was clipped to my black clipboard that also had my card on everything went really well.

My favourite part of scenery has to be the ships. They look amazing! The cardboard on the sides make it look really realistic and the sail and rigging make it look brilliant!

The Pirates of the curry bean

Tuesday and Wednesday KS2 performed their play which they have been working very hard on. To be honest, I think that I could have been a bit louder when I was saying my lines. The more you practice, the more you will get better. I have been practising very hard to try and get my voice to be louder, it didn’t go so well but I did improve.😀😃😄 I really didn’t like what I had to wear because I was a boy pirate. After the play was finished I was kind of proud of my self because that was a play where I had lines 🙂

My two favourite characters in the play are Liza and Captain Cod. I really like Captain Cods part in the play because he got a solo and a tap dance solo. I would say that the prop team did very well because they are just a bunch of clever year 4s.😃😃😃image

Pirates of the curry-bean

On the first part of the play I was so nervous but when I got on stage it was fine. Well I actually enjoyed being on stage accept from fiddle and sticks got in the way lol😂😂.

My favourite song in our play was lumbago🌴. Also Franklin who is a technical crew he was dancing so funny I couldn’t help giggling.💃but it was actually a cool move👍.

I really enjoyed the first bit and the last bit of the play. On the first days their wasn’t much people but on the second day there was so much people they had to put lots more chairs out. That was when I was more nervous but I kept smiling at my dad I nearly forgot to come on stage😁.

At the end of the play Mrs hamlett  got flowers🌹as well as Mr Herbert and Mrs Nicholls. Also at the end we had a biscuit 🍪 and a lolli🍭.mmm yummy! Also I am so glad that I have remembered my lines.

by Shakela